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Baltimore MD / Tulsa OK

B. Schultz :: Here Comes the Dumptruck

Their pounding beats, propulsive basslines, 80’s synthesizer tracks, energetically deadpan vocals and lyrics about Halloween, one-hit-wonders and animals fighting the weather made me think of what the Sisters of Mercy might sound like if Fred Schneider took over for Andrew Eldritch. Their mega-catchy campiness didn’t lack for edge, however, thanks in no small part to Gabriel Perry’s scorching metal guitar. Bassist Ada Ruiz’s between-song banter with Retrofit amped up the open, playful vibe even further. When the time came around for some audience participation, the modest crowd dove right in (me included): they put on crocodile hats, tapped out the beat on plastic cups with wooden ladles (a couple folks did some swordfighting with the ladles too), blew bubbles, danced, stomped, cheered and sang good and loud.

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