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Red this ever

Baltimore based Synthrocker’s red this ever have been described as “the coolest triangular peg to fit in a square hole”. Their vast influences have made them hard to define, their love of music makes them intoxicating and their tongue-in-cheek performances makes them fun, fun, fun.

Compared to the likes of Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, The Cars and The Cure and influenced by such artist as Wolfsheim, Severed Heads, the Pixies and Joy Division, they have created a sound that is hard to label but far to easy to relate to.

Listen to their recently released remix album Attack! Attacked on Bandcamp >>>>

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In The Works News

Red This Ever are curently working on their 8th studio album titled ‘This Album’ while Roy Retrofit continues collaborate with Michael Warring in the industrial/Futurepop duo StaTiK SeKt. Roy also continues to appear in U.S shows singing for the ebm/industrial band 11grams to fill in for austrialian singer/songwriter Simeon Fitzpatrick.

Next Show

November 5th we return to DC to play live with the amazing AL1CE and incredible The Neuro Farm and infamous DJ Johnny Panic at the astounding venue the Runaway!

Need a remix?

Roy Retrofit has a well documented portfolio of remixes he has done for bands as red this ever, StaTiK SeKt and reKombinant so if you are looking for a remix for any songs check out his portfolio and contact him.
DJ Johnny Rox

Hmmm, what can I say about Attack!? For that matter, what can I say about “Selfless” and “Little Red Men”? Simply amazing music. Red This Ever have progressed from album to album, taking a step higher each time – as a band should do. Looking foward to “This Album”. Fan for life

red this ever
Steve Mecca
Chain DLK

This is big, bodacious, balls of brass synthpop that isn’t afraid to put it all on the line, get in your face and tell you how they think it is. And dance-worthy to boot. Roy glibly turns more phrases than a hustling hooker turns tricks on a Saturday night. You’ve got a love a line like – “…true story, and it can get really gorey, I set my pants on fire, it doesn’t mean I’m a liar, it just means that I’m not boring…” (“True Story”). There are so many gems like that sewn throughout ‘Attack!’ it will make your head spin.

B. Schultz
Here Comes the Dumptruck

Their pounding beats, propulsive basslines, 80’s synthesizer tracks, energetically deadpan vocals and lyrics about Halloween, one-hit-wonders and animals fighting the weather made me think of what the Sisters of Mercy might sound like if Fred Schneider took over for Andrew Eldritch. Their mega-catchy campiness didn’t lack for edge, however, thanks in no small part to Gabriel Perry’s scorching metal guitar. Bassist Ada Ruiz’s between-song banter with Retrofit amped up the open, playful vibe even further. When the time came around for some audience participation, the modest crowd dove right in (me included): they put on crocodile hats, tapped out the beat on plastic cups with wooden ladles (a couple folks did some swordfighting with the ladles too), blew bubbles, danced, stomped, cheered and sang good and loud.

Sideline Magazine

“Attack! clearly sounds as traditional electro-pop music. It’s a clean and polished production driven by cool melody lines and some vintage elements. Red This Ever appears to be great melody makers and I can recommend several songs illustrating these essential skills in electro-pop music. It’s the kind of record reminding me of bands such as De/Vision, Iris and co”

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